3D Characters


Several 3D characters I made using 3DS Max and textured in Photoshop.
The first character is Luci, my first attempt at modeling a female character. Her style is based around the Kingdom Hearts games and she is designed to be Kairi's older sister. She was modeled for a project where the goal was to design, model, rig, and animate a character. All this was done within 10 weeks during the course. Her back story is she was sick and bedridden as a child, until recently a mysterious person in a black cloak cured her. She is given the Moonlight Keyblade and ordered to protect Destiny Islands, the main protagonists home in the Kingdom Hearts games.

The second character is Damian, he is an original character from a story idea I had called Ele-mental. He is a happy-go-lucky kid who wants to make a name for himself. Sometimes stubborn, he will never turn his back on his friends or family.

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